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Жалоба на Vetero_ok | Morrigan | SAKI SAKI 5$


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  1. Ник Vetero_ok | Morrigan | SAKI SAKI 5$
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    Заходят за друг друга ,оскорбляют админа  ( morrigan на имбе больше 5 раундов инвиз 100 и режит меня )
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    мешают нормальной игре 
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    Скрины  не влезают кину в лс
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Olympiacos has clinched a spot in the next round, but it remains to be seen if that spot will be the first place position that automatically advances it to the knockout phase or the second place position, which would send it to the playoff for a spot in the knockout round.

As for Antwerp, the team has been eliminated from advancing and will finish fourth in the group, ending its international season.

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                                                                                                Модератор BIGSTAR WCS


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